Advisory Services and Forensic Engineering

Specialty services provided to clients in need of advice pertaining to building condition assessments or operational issues.

  • Condition assessments as part of pre-purchase due diligence or for project financing
  • Investigation of post-tensioned buildings where corrosion is of concern
  • Tension monitoring of Post-tensioned commercial and residential buildings
  • Assessment of building cladding systems for deterioration or failure
  • Repair of high and low rise brick veneer structures with veneer tie failures
  • Assessment and repair of stone facades on low and mid rise buildings
  • Design and inspection of swingstage anchorage systems to meet Legislated requirements
  • Design of falsework and formwork for construction of buildings and bridges

Consulting services related to the investigation of building failures and design of repair or rehabilitation programs as requested by the clients. Experience has also included providing expert opinions to Insurers or legal counsel in matter arising from failures or claims.

Representative Projects:

  • Assessment of the performance of single and multifamily structures throughout Alberta.
  • Investigation into the causes of foundation movement and the design of underpinning of foundations supporting commercial, single family and multifamily structures.
  • Assessment of foundation performance of buildings constructed upon expansive soils and upon soils which have settled resulting in movement in the structures.
  • Investigation into the causes of collapse of existing buildings or structures under construction for insurers or owners.
  • Assessment of the extent of damage sustained by buildings exposed to fire or explosions and preparation of structural repair specifications.
  • Litigation support services and preparation of Expert Opinions for counsel in cases involving litigation related to civil and structural engineering matters throughout Canada.